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Like many restaurant businesses, Little Griddle is a family story. In 2011, my brother, John, opened a small, fast casual eatery on the corner of 10th and Market and named it Little Griddle. It was well received by the community- there were non-stop lines at breakfast and lunch and the neighborhood knew Little Griddle as a reliable spot. 

The craziness stopped for a while when we did renovations but we reopened back in 2018, merging with our next door business, the artisan coffee bar called Mavelous. We called it Mavelous Coffee Bar & Little Griddle and with the merge, we had plenty more seating. My husband, Phillip and I took over the business when my brother left to open another restaurant in San Mateo to be closer to his family. 

Covid-19 may still be here and we are also still here. We're no longer Mavelous Coffee Bar & Little Griddle, though. We're going back to our roots, rebranding as Little Griddle once again. 

For now, you'll find us inside Dough Cafe (our sister restaurant at 1455 Market). Why did we move across the street? With the lack of office workers and residential tenants in 2020 and 2021, we decided it was best to have one restaurant that featured all of our offerings in one place. Coffee and doughnuts in the early morning, breakfast sandwiches, burgers and pizza in the afternoon- it's all here at Little Griddle. 

Phillip and I still wake up early every morning to buy fresh produce for our kitchen and to make fresh ube doughnuts on Fridays. We are proud that our food is prepared with care by us and our team. It is our passion to provide delicious American- style comfort food but you'll find that we truly care about our customers and about what we do. We know many of our customers by name and can name their favorite dish. If you live or work in the neighborhood, please stop by and introduce yourself to us. 

Lean and Phillip